Business & Work Consulting Sp. z o.o. is an employment agency in Włocławek, specialising in recruiting employees from Asia and the East of Europe. In the recruitment process we are guided by their experience and readiness to take jobs outside of our country. Employees from Georgia, Bangladesh, India, Moldova and Nepal cooperate with us and are subject to the verification process in our partner offices. Each of our clients receives a guardian who informs about the progress of the project on an ongoing basis. When employees from the East arrive at the workplace, the company has a week to decide whether the selected candidates properly fulfil their obligations and express a desire for continuous cooperation.

Employment agencies for Ukrainians and residents of Eastern Europe do not complain about the lack of clients. However, this also gives room for abusive work conditions – that’s why we try to ensure the highest quality of services. We make sure that each party is fully satisfied. We facilitate the employment of employees from Ukraine and other Asian and European countries. We operate on clear and transparent terms.
The agency’s individual approach to companies and employees

The agency's individual approach to companies and employees

Our employment agency in Włocławek uses only authentic and up-to-date photos and information on working conditions, tools, machines, social conditions, remuneration system, employer's location and company credibility, to which employees from Asia and the Eastern Europe will be directed.

Dedicated guardian - help with employment and implementation

How to hire a worker from Nepal? This question - and many others - will be answered by a dedicated account manager who is assigned to each company for the duration of the contract and will be kept informed of the progress of the project

Good employee or resignation guarantee

Whether employees from Nepal or employees from Moldova - the company within the first week of arriving at the destination decides whether it meets the expectations set for it. If not, he has the right to resign from such a person.

Telephone number for employee consultants from the Eastern Europe

Our employee consultant from the Eastern Europe will contact you within 24 hours of notification or the next business day.

Personal verification of employees

Regardless of whether the employees are from India or Georgia - in our partner offices each candidate is personally verified by experienced recruitment specialists.

Subscriber of employee recruitment throughout the year

Our employment agency for Ukrainians envisages covering your offer with year-round recruitment. So you can be sure that it will go to employees from Georgia, as well as employees from Bangladesh will hear it.

Partner offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Nepal, India and Kazakhstan.

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